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harder than it looks

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pipe Nov. 27th, 2005 @ 03:57 am
so christiam and i dont know what to name it we are thinking...

-silver diva
-silver fairy

i think we are set with queenie...queen for short...BRIng IT out bring iT OUT~~~~

Nov. 20th, 2005 @ 05:58 pm
So i wont be home for thanksgiving and im not that upset. School is going fine, i really like it, im really busy. I dont know what else to say....found a hook up...on the east side not to bad not to bad at all

yo yo yo Nov. 19th, 2005 @ 11:42 pm
whats up im cool u? thats right class fun im chillin yeah yeah thisd is goood what r biootry women
Current Mood: booglly

what is up Nov. 5th, 2005 @ 12:28 am
SO how is everyone in austin? Im good. SO to sum up the past week or so...

-My red riding hood costume was cool, it came out pretty good for a guy version (pics to come)
-Got 2 tattoos one green apple (my mom calls me apple head) and a star (for my sis)
-I got my year pierced (that hurt)
-school is starting to become normal or i guess im starting to settle into its routine.
-My room is now official done (pics to come)
-went to the village for halloween and got to be in the parade
-went to the village and fell in love with it
-learned that drama does follow but in a way im either more mature now or just know how to deal with it. Needless to say its not a problem anymore
-i miss pilar (my sis) I swear each week its someone different, this week its my sis
-havent decided on thanksgiving yet..i wanna go home but we'll see


week one Oct. 19th, 2005 @ 11:25 am
well this week so far has been okay...

-I found out a lot of the bars here dont card so that is cool, i got really really drunk the first friday i was here and dont remember how i got back to my dorm, but thanks to whoever helped!

-i lobed my orientation group, to nad we had to be split up when it came to actually going into our classes but its all good

-WAlked around central park at 3 in the morning with some friends that turned out pretty good

-DOwnside to the first day of school...i had to go to the emergency room because of my leg and that sucked so i missed my friest day of classes but the second day was okay

-I bought my cape for my halloween costume-red riding hood, a lot of people think its original that im changing the character to a guy, i think so too

-i got a new phone and a new # so ill be calling people real soon

more to come
Other entries
» im here
-SO im now in new york city...and its cold and wet. I like it a lot the people are really cool and while my dorm did look like shit i made it look really cool...no joke i made it look like i was in a tent by hanging things around. Also my group leaders are sooo coool, tomorrow night clubbin in nyc!
More to come...

-My dad got me a laptop...yeah i was really surprised
» (No Subject)
-OKay its cold in Austin, and while i like the change...IM COLD!!!! I hate this because i never used to think it was cold at like 77 or 73 and last night i was at lia's house outside and i was like shit its cold

-Went to the chiropractor today she gave me all the reasons why it hurt to talk and so on and so forth and she told me to wear a back brace, and i kinda like it, it keeps me warm!

-packing has begun!!!!

-I leave now tuesday!!!!!

-Am i ready to leave...yeah but sad/nervous!!!
» one week
-My last week in Austin!!!!!! There are sooooo many people i wanna see and chill with before im gone!!

-I found out i dont get a roommate, and to be honest im kinda happy...i really didnt like the idea of living with someone i dont know and now i get privacy and i also get to make the room look how i want it to!

-Yesterday was my last day at work, and a lot of people were happy. But its not because they hated me the entire time i worked there its just two days ago my general manager (the guy in charge of it all) pulled me aside and asked me to tell him everything i know about everyone (who smokes on the job, who steals, etc.) Well at first i was a little taken back because he was just assuming that i knew all of this stuff (which i do), but after talking with him a little more, i decided to tell him about the people i didnt like and what they had done. Now what i didnt anticipate was him threatening the whole staff with a surprise drug test (this is where things get messy), and people finding out i was to blame for it. Now whats bad about this is a little more than 85% of the staff would have to be fired, if tested positive. SO to make a long story short, yesterday was my last day (ive been offered a job there next summer if i want it) and now people think i told all there shit because i wouldnt have to deal with the aftermath of it. For the record i only meant to get like 3 people fired.

-I saw Alice in wonderland and WASP at MAC yesterday, and it was pretty good!!!! I really liked both plays, it was a great way to kick off their season. I didnt like some of the casting in it but i guess when ur desperate for guys anyone will do... But you could sooo tell which one ms.d directed and which one tatum directed, im jealous.

-Hung out with kegan the other night and jessica

-Going by mccallum on friday to show my five monologues and have them give their opinions on them
» shit i need to start packing
-I need to start packing...shit i need to start packing

-Work is okay, i'm pulling in 50 hours this week...im am extremely tired...but hey i dont think ive ever seen someone at this job pull that many hours so YEAH!!!!

-I need to find time to chill with my friends...I miss them

-I need to find MORE time to work on monologues
-THANK GOD!!!! My school is now all officially paid for!!!!!

-I need to call ms.d I have 3 monologues ready and am working on the last one, now all i need to do is show them and let her help me decide

-I leave in 2 1/2 weeks, im very excited!!!! But nervous

-Got all the handbook stuff for AMDA and its actually A LOT more strict than i thought. Now im wondering is it like every other handbook that is given out and now followed at all or do they actually follow the rules...i wonder

-There is a whole section to the handbook dedicated to drug use and what fine you can get if caught, it also recommends that if you are a smoker to stop. So i guess now my debate of weather to stop smoking or not is over i guess i wont be.

-A little birdie told me some stuff a former teacher has said about me, and its weird because i honestly really respected that teacher, like no other. I went to them for advice all the time and actually wanted to improve as a person. But than i hear now that he "hates" me and that hes "disgusted" with me, and its like wow, i was really thrown back, like really thrown back, and the first thing that comes to mind is all this negative stuff i can say about him, but i wont, because i actually respect him. And now im just kinda hurt by it because i did respect my teacher and now that i know what he thinks of me, i can only think of how wrong i was to have looked up to him.
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