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harder than it looks

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long time no write Aug. 16th, 2006 @ 04:06 pm
so this summer is over...damn way to go...I like to call this the "summer of nothing", cause that what i did. Dont get me wrong school was hard as fuck and i mean really...acting school really puts a damper on ur mind...it does....well anyway on to LA...lets see how this goes. Its also amazing that everyone i wanted to talk to i didnt get to this summer...i guess that has a lot to do with either me not caring about how many friends i have or just lack of common interest...oh well. Good luck to everyone this year at school

its been too long May. 25th, 2006 @ 04:54 pm
OKay so i havent been posting in like forever so here it goes...

-Finals are fun kind of-AMDA literally kicked my ass, but its been fun!

-My finals end june 1st, so ill be coming to the one and only Austin TEXAS on the third!!!

-Life has been fun, im going to the beach this weekend with all my friends on saturday so that should be fun!!

-There is one last party of the year which is invite only and yes its got a cheesy theme- A black and white affair, but it sounds cute!

-I have never been to sooo many themed parties in my life- my favorite was the white trash party and second to that was the two piece one.

-Im kind of sad that this year is ending, it really has gone by really fast, and im going to miss my freinds here to death-no joke!

-i decided to move to LA and go to the AMDA-LA campus for the fall of 2006, that should be fun. Im getting an apartment with my friend paige so thats kind of exciting!!

-I was suppose to move in with my two friends louis and chloe this summer but my mom has just moved out of our old house and so i get all the back rooms to that place for free-there will be parties!!!!

And thats it, well theres actually a lot more but ill catch up more later!

Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 05:39 pm
Ill be back in AUstin march 16

LONG TIME NO WRITE Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 11:49 am
So its been like forever since ive written in this so today i thought i would change that...here are a couple of things that have gone on in the past couple of weeks...

-I competed for RA against 150 other people, made it through the first cut and was in the final 26 up for the 6 positions avaliable but sad to say did not get an RA position like i had hoped. This left me kinda in a blah mood seeing as how i am a position freak!!!! So now i am competing for an orientation leader position (something that screams my name!!) and i have made it from the first cut to the interview process along with 30 other people...so i hope this goes well...im honestly not used to being turned down when it comes to positions i really dont know what to do...

-MY group hates each other...no fucking joke. Here at AMDA we are divided into groups and in with those groups we go to every class and are pretty much stuck with them for the first year here...well from the looks of things are group is getting split up. Its like the directors were like "hey wouldnt it be funny if we put a group together composed of half the kids who didnt have friends in high school with a half that did and see how it goes!" I swear some of these bitches here act like they've never socialized before with people...and no joke im sooo fucking tired of people with egos who just happen to back stab.

-WOrk at Jamba Juice is going fun, i really like the people there and im getting used to working late and getting up early so its not that bad

-DEMO's (AMDA's version of finals) are coming up. IM kinda nervous especially for the dance demo. The entire studio group here is put into one room for 5 1/2 hours and has to watch and be watched while dance demos go on...exciting!!!

more to come...

home Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 11:14 am
So ive been home from school since friday and its weird how much has changed in two months or how unfamiliar everything becomes.

-My room looks sooo much bigger than i had remembered it
-My bed feels sooo much better thsn my dorm one
-water is better here, and now tastes different
-everyone looks older
-the skyline is so much different (obviously) than NYC's and im still getting used to seeing so much sky
-It doesnt get dark as fast
-its not as cold
-My friends chill with different people now
-I just feels weird that i dont live here anymore
Other entries
» weight
So roday i was told i dance pretty good for a guy, i pick up the steps fast, i have great technique...now i was also told i would get more recognition IF i was thinner. Hmmm i never really thought i was huge but it makes me wonder, is my weight holding me back...
» snow hmmmm
So im not gonna lie, i dont like snow that much...its pretty-yes, but not fun. I miss TEXAS!!! I miss how i'd have to pray for the road to freeze just to miss school, while here its snowing like theres no tomorrow and i still have to go. Oh well
» (No Subject)
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» juice bar
I got a job at JAMBA JUICE!!!!!
» hmmm
-i hate my VPS teacher!!!!! I hate her!!!! I dont understand teachers who are bitches, i really dont. She always assumes i dont care, but ive only told her like 1000 times its not that i dont care its just that i dont understand, arghhh. Anyway thats enough of that cause i want this so, ill just have to work harder.

-So i kinda wish we just didnt get recognition in class at all now. Its allowing for people in our classes to become big headed.

-Life is fun right now, i constantly find myself working harder or better yet pushing myself more to do things.
-New york is really pretty in the fall, i love it.
-im not looking foward to the snow at all
-i love the people in my dorm except the bitch two doors down, shes one of those girls that is fake and abvious about it
-I come home the 15 im excited!!!!
-Tired, very tired, i just had 4 hours of dance
-I dont really miss home as much as i thought i would
-i had an interview at jamba juice on 59th-exciting!!!! The guy who held the interview was sooo cool. Hes from texas, gay and i kinda thought maybe he had had one too many juices but he wsa a good guy
-Heard about the cast for chicago at MAC...interesting, im excited, but feel bad for the few who are good who didnt get the best of roles, but its a good cast and i think it will be good
-im tired again
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